"for morality does not derive its nature from books, but from the fitness of things..." Ethan Allen



"Since morals, therefore, have an influence on the actions and affections, it follows, that they cannot be derived from reason; and that because reason alone, as we have already proved, can never have any such influence. Morals excite passions, and produce or prevent actions. Reason of itself is utterly impotent in this particular. The rules of morality, therefore, are not conclusions of our reason." David Hume

"It is here that we can distinguish between minority rights and majority rule. Our minority rights flow though our equal thesis-morality. Our majority rule flows through our unequal thesis-morality. We must study and understand this under our evaluation of ideas to bring accountability. We cannot move to one extreme end of equal thesis-morality or unequal thesis-morality. I tend to view one end as pure capitalism and the other end as pure socialism."

From "An Essay on Thesisism" by James S. Serilla

Our physical humanness, which is the product of both evolution and natural law states, results in not one but two different moral code of conducts.

We have an equal-to-us. This is our human consciousness based in the physical world. It also is our human consciousness minus the physical world. Since human consciousness consists of Experiential existence, which holds our Thought, Reactive and Sensory existences, and our physical apparatus, which is our generic human brain structure, this then leaves our commonality. Since consciousness needs a physical apparatus, the physical component becomes the abstraction of what makes a human consciousness. This commonality defines us all as being human beings.

We have an unequal-to-us. This is our physical existence minus our human consciousness. This leaves our differences. They include differences like mathematical abilities, dancing abilities and more. These differences are physically based differences. These differences also define us all as being human beings.

If we look at our society, currently or historically, we can easily identify these physical based components in the expressions that human beings have engaged in over time. It explains why we have polarization of people. We have a polarization with people declaring themselves as conservative or liberal. We have the polarization of socialism and capitalism. Each end of the polarization thinks of them as the morally correct position. Conversely, each end thinks of the other as morally void.

What has taken place is that we human beings have not properly defined ourselves in relation to the physical world. Each end of the polarization has focused only on one side of morality. This lopsided view can range from a weak and selective focus to a complete denial of the other component of morality.

Without this understanding we tend to gravitate to one side or the other, and what we end with is a state of constant conflict and struggle. This darkness to knowledge creates an adversarial rather than a cooperative state of human thought existence. Human beings become pitted against human beings. Only when human beings recognize that we have two aspects to our moral code of conduct can we begin to determine properly what we follow as our proper moral conduct.

Additionally, our moral code of conduct, currently and historically, we have linked it to thought existence only, which then denies our physical world. Therefore, they are idea animations broken away from our physical world and hold little or no reality. This reduces accuracy and leads to not identifying properly the two components to morality, that is, our equal-to-us and our unequal-to-us. Our lack of understanding with our two components to morality stems from this lack of examination of it in relation to our physical world. Therefore, it has indirectly created the polarized systems we see today.

Our world has reached a potential for tremendous suffering. It is critical that we correctly develop our moral code of conduct from its proper source, our physical world, and not in mental animations that break from reality and that can randomly lead us anywhere. We need to change our human thought existence that has not changed for two thousand years.

When we recognize our humanness as our source to peace, that our human existence is the same for all of us, this then leads us to our common bond and identity, and here we can conduct ourselves in harmony and agreement.

08/18/2005 James S. Serilla

"And hence it follows, that moral knowledge is as capable of real certainty, as mathematics." John Locke

"And as there are no innate Ideas of a God, so likewise we can have no Proof of such a Being a priori: and if there is really such a Being, we can only come to a Knowledge of his Existence, from a Consideration of Existence of Things." Deist Susannah Newcome





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